a stock Melizzano in game

Melizzano racer

The racing version of the Melizzano


The Melizzano is an exotic sports car in Driver Parallel Lines.

It appears in the 1976 era but is extremely rare. It may also appear in 2006 if you are driving one. Performance wise, it is fast with good acceleration but only average handling, and low durability. A stock Melizzano has a top speed of 103 in game. When fully modified, the Melizano can reach a top speed of 120 in game. After beating one of the hard level races in the 1976 era, the racing version of the Melizzano is unlocked, this car has even less durability, and doesnt even have any speed advantages over the normal melizanno. though it seems to accerate faster.The Melizzano is based on a Lambourghini Miura.